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The Affordable Divorce Method

A Better Way to- and Through- Divorce

If you thought a wedding was expensive, in comparison, the cost of divorce dwarfs the cost of saying “I do”. While the average wedding in Texas runs about $11,000, the average Texas divorce will cost a family, on average, double that- upwards of $22,000.

No wonder that half of all families experience poverty following divorce, typically doubling living expenses and oftentimes leaving one partner with a significant reduction in income and assets.

So why is divorce so expensive?

In a nutshell- lawyers’ fees. A divorce attorney typically requires a new client to make an advance payment to get started, typically $5,000 or more. Your attorney (and presumably your partner’s) will then start working on your divorce at an hourly rate (on average $300-$600 an hour). The cost isn’t limited to that initial payment, however- every phone call made, email written, meeting held, and the actual drafting of the legal documents adds up, costing a couple around $20,000 on average.

Is there a better way?


The truth is that over 90% of divorces are settled without having to go to trial. If so many couples can eventually come to an agreement when so much is working against them- a process that pits them as adversaries and that incentivizes a traumatic and destructive legal battle- then imagine how much more efficient and even positive an experience it could be.

The solution.

You can get divorced for a lot less money and heartache, and in a lot less time. The Affordable Divorce process offers the ability to customize your divorce based on the needs of your family, for a set price with full transparency. Our team of experienced lawyers and mediators guides you through the issues you need to resolve for your best divorce, and a successful future.

A better way to- and through- divorce.

A Better Way To- And Through- Divorce

Benefits of the Divorce Better Method

Is Divorce Better Right For You?

Marriage is complicated, probably a lot more than most people realize when they are saying “I do”. Life happens, circumstances change and people change. There should no judgment or shame in divorce. And it certainly shouldn’t leave couples and families more broken than they were when they were married- emotionally, psychologically or financially.

Divorce does not have to make your relationship worse and exacerbate all the things that brought you to this point. You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to have strangers speak on your behalf and decide what is in your and your family’s best interests.

Divorce Better offers an alternative, with a team of family law attorneys and mediators who guide you and your partner to solutions that work for your family, at a fraction of the cost.

You don’t have to still love- or even like- each other to do it differently, better. All it takes is a shared desire to avoid a legal fight.

Couples who successfully mediate their divorces are more different than they are alike. They come from different socioeconomic levels, religious backgrounds, years of marriage, history of divorce, races and ethnicities, and number of children.

You decide what is best for your future and family without depleting your life’s savings.

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