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The conventional divorce structure pits spouses against one another and forces each of them to hire a lawyer to speak on their behalf, ultimately resulting in strangers deciding what is in their family’s best interests.

This process is not only incredibly expensive, but is also time-consuming, and can leave families more destroyed- especially children- than when they started.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Instead of retaining two attorneys to negotiate the terms of their divorce, a family can decide for themselves. Instead of entering the process as enemies, you can sit down with a neutral attorney-mediator who can help guide you through the issues you and your partner must address in order to successfully divorce, laying the groundwork for a successful relationship post-divorce, for the benefit of any children.

You don’t have to be Gwyneth and Chris, or candidates for a conscious uncoupling, for our process to work. The truth is that you don’t have to still love- or even like– each other to do it differently, better. You can divorce better- less money, less time and less emotional trauma. A better way to- and through- divorce.

Our Guided Divorce package offers the ability to divorce for a flat fee that is less than the cost of a single divorce attorney in a contested divorce. We also offer a mediation package specifically tailored for families who need to modify an existing divorce decree. An attorney-mediator can utilize her legal knowledge and mediation skills to navigate a family through and to divorce, or modifying your decree post-divorce, as a neutral third party. And another Texas-licensed attorney will prepare your court filings.

A better way to divorce.

Benefits of the Affordable Divorce Texas Method

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