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Divorce Better is a law firm that is disrupting the conventional way to divorce by providing families a cheaper, faster, and healthier way to- and through- divorce.

Marriage is complicated and doesn’t always end up like we imagined. Life happens, circumstances change, and people change. There should be no shame or judgment.

Deciding to divorce doesn’t have to be a declaration of war. Divorce shouldn’t be the end of your family, and it certainly shouldn’t leave you more broken than when you were married- financially, emotionally or psychologically.

You don’t have to still love- or even like- each other to divorce differently, better. Divorce Better offers you flat fee divorce packages with an array of add-on services to ensure that you don’t overpay for your divorce.

If you and your partner can agree to the terms of your divorce, we can provide you the best divorce possible for your family- because you will decide what in your family’s best interest.

And, as an added bonus, we can finalize your divorce in about the same amount of time you that the state of Texas requires you to wait after filing- 60 days.

If you and your partner can agree to the terms of your divorce, we can provide you the best divorce possible for your family- because you will decide what in your family’s best interest.

Meet Anne Garcia

My name is Anne Garcia. I am an attorney and a certified family-law mediator. I am also the child of divorce.

After 30 years of an unhappy marriage, my parents divorced. It was incredibly ugly and painful, and still affects me and my relationships with them, nearly 25 years later.

I am also divorced myself. I know firsthand how prohibitively expensive a divorce can be, forcing families to choose between what they know is in their best interest and risking losing important legal protections if they try to do it themselves.

Both of these experiences played a big role in my decision to start Divorce Better. We want to reinvent the divorce experience, and are cost-conscious lawyers who offer quality legal services for flat, transparent prices. We prioritize preserving your family, and can finalize your divorce in about the time the State of Texas makes you wait to finalize your divorce- 60 days.

I am a proud graduate of Rice University, suma cum laude, and University of Texas School of Law, cum laude. I started my law career in the business and finance section of Mayer Brown, where I worked for several years. I then moved to Madrid, Spain, where I lived for four years and worked in international trade and product development.

After returning to Houston, I began practicing family law, while also starting OpHeart, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the odds of survival and outcomes of babies like my daughter, who are born with life-threatening heart defects.

If you think you and your partner can decide the terms of your divorce yourselves- before sinking tens of thousands in lawyers’ fees- please contact us. We are happy to answer your questions with no obligation.

Our Goals

I am practicing attorney and certified family mediator, and for 15 years, I have been helping families through difficult legal and emotional issues, including bankruptcy, divorce, child custody disputes, and immigration issues. I also have experience with the special needs of medically fragile children.

As an attorney-mediator, I am guided by three goals:

1 Provide families the most affordable and professional divorce possible, putting them in the best position possible to succeed in the next chapter of their lives.
2 Empower families to divorce on their terms, trusting that they are in the best position to know what is right for themselves and their families.
3 With children, ensure that their needs and interests are top priority.

Divorce should not exploit the worst in a family. It should not leave couples and children more broken than before. And it doesn’t have to. I know firsthand how hard marriage and divorce can be, and I want to create a better way for couples to divorce and families to not only survive, but thrive.

It can be done.

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