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Child custody is, by far, the most universally difficult issue that divorcing couples face. The experience of creating and caring for children is unlike any other. Children are the products of two people, and yet they are their own people, and not the property of either parent or even of both parents.

The current paradigm of divorce pits one parent against another and relies on the very limited assessment of strangers to decide what is in the best interests of your family. The process of divorce or disagreements over custody arrangements and parenting plans can be so toxic that they frequently worsen a couple’s relationship and even poison relationships between parents and their children. The effects can endure for years and leave permanent scars.

Nowhere are the benefits of the Affordable Divorce method more apparent. Instead of engaging in what is, at a minimum, an adversarial process, paying two divorce attorneys to argue their clients’ cases, with the threat of a stranger, a judge, to order what s/he deems is in the best interests of your children, you decide.

Our Guided Divorce package offers the ability to divorce for a flat fee that is less than the cost of a single divorce attorney in a contested divorce. Or, if you don’t need a divorce but just an agreement regarding custody arrangements, parenting plans and/or child support, an attorney-mediator can utilize her legal knowledge and mediation skills to navigate you to a resolution, as a neutral third party. You decide what is truly in the best interests of your child/ren, laying the groundwork for successful and healthy next chapter in your story.

The truth is you don’t have to still love- or even like- each other to do it differently, better.

You retain control over your kids’ future and remove the risk of a bad judge deciding your family’s fate.

Divorce Better. A better way to- and through- divorce.

Benefits of the Affordable Divorce Texas Method

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