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What is Needed for an Uncontested Divorce

Marriage is complicated, probably a lot more than most people realize when they are saying “I do”. Life happens, circumstances change and people change. There should no judgment or shame in divorce. And it certainly shouldn’t leave couples and families more broken than they were when they were married, emotionally, psychologically and financially.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You and your spouse don’t each have to hire a lawyer and engage in a process that exacerbates all that has led you to this point. You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to have strangers speak on your behalf and decide what is in the best interests of you and your family.

Couples who successfully avoid contested divorces are more different than they are alike. They come from different socioeconomic levels, religious backgrounds, years of marriage, history of divorce, races and ethnicities, and number of children.

Affordable Divorce offers an alternative, with a team of family law attorneys and mediators who guide you and your partner to solutions that work for your family, at a fraction of the cost.


You don’t have to still love- or even like- each other to do it differently, better. All that it takes is a shared desire to avoid a legal fight.

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What Our Clients Say


My ex wife and I split up last year with the intention of getting an uncontested divorce. Neither of us had much money, so I figured doing this ourselves would be the best route to go. It was not. Navigating the law without a deep understanding of the legal system is like diving into the deepest part of the ocean without any equipment or understanding of oceanography. You will drown.
Every time I tried to work on this by myself, I would get massive fits of anxiety. I would read texts regarding divorce law and get scared that I’m doing something wrong, something that would lead to me losing out in my divorce. I spent time talking to friends and close confidants, getting mixed information, opinions, and a plethora of hypotheticals of how it could all play out with a judge. This ate me up.
Finally, I decided to look into legal representation for uncontested divorces. A fateful google search led me to Divorce Better, and the Amazing Anne Garcia.
My fellow readers and future divorcees, this lawyer is the greatest legal advocate I’ve ever met. My first time calling her, she gave me an hour of her time on the phone, talking me through the various steps, still guiding me to better resources should I want to continue to do it on my own, but also explaining to me the benefits of using licensed legal counsel.
If getting divorced is like diving into the ocean, Anne is like the boat that ferries you out to the dive location, the wet suit, oxygen tank and complete breathing apparatus, depth gauge sensors, your co-diver, your pre-dive instructor, your radio communication device, and if you dive really deep, your submarine. She is the whole show!
I decided to take the chance, pay the money, and I’m so glad I did. When I tell you its the best money I’ve ever spend, that is not an exaggeration. Her pricing is incredibly fair and transparent, not to mention all inclusive. There was never a surprise fee for some additional service she needed to provide. She does a great intake form to determine your needs, and then determines the services best needed for your case, and ta da….you know the fixed price up front!
I was always told divorces cost upwards of 10,000-20,000. I didn’t want to go into debt while trying to split up debt, make sure I get the custody arrangement I want, while dismantling a long term relationship. Go to her website and look at the prices. Those are the actual prices. She is WAY more affordable than typical lawyers, hence the name of her practice.
She spoke to and guided my ex wife and I through the process, and explained legal procedures in a way that I/we could understand. And she did it all. She would ask for necessary pertinent information, then she did the rest. She drafted the divorce petition and filed it. She drafted the entire divorce decree, made edits as needed, scheduled the mediation (I highly recommend you get the MSA as part of your package with Anne. It ensures you get what you want without the judge taking liberties with your agreed to divorce), then filed the divorce decree and MSA with the court. Mind you she is great at staying in communication with you, and is always available to answer any questions you have, and dispel any of your fears. She does it all for you, all while being an expert in her legal field, something none of us are. Its bad enough facing the stresses and anxiety of a divorce. Its worse when you try to do it on your own, in a world you have very little understanding in.
Anne is the Rolls Royce of lawyers. If she was a restaurant, her service is 5 Stars! In a scary world of darkness and unknown (legal) she is the sun to light your way and guide you. Anne is the H-E-B of divorce lawyers. She is the highest quality for the most amazing and unbeatable value.
Anne helped ensure I got everything I wanted out of my divorce. I secured the settlement I had hoped for. She was my advocate, my guide, my expert, and partner in this process.
Anne is the BEST DIVORCE LAWYER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, if you have made it this far, I hope you are feeling that confidence grow in the decision you are about to make. You can stop google searching divorce lawyers. You can take all that stress off of yourself. You can now take a deep breath and calm your nerves. You just found your legal representative. Her name is Anne Garcia, and she runs Divorce Better.
I hope your next step is giving this outstanding leader of the legal field a call, and then hiring her soon there after. You will not regret this decision. She is worth it and more!
Thank you so much Anne for what you did for me. I could not have made it without your amazing counsel, expertise, and representation. I will always be grateful for your assistance. I hope more people navigating these waters hire you, so they can experience what I did.
Good luck to you all. Divorce is not easy, but Anne is here to get you across the finish line!

Matt O.

After one bad experience with a divorce lawyer and compare other attorneys, I was initially attracted to the upfront pricing. Sure enough, where others had failed, Anne was able to get me divorced less than a month later, and for the stated price. I couldn’t be happier!

Donna H.

We came to Anne for her mediation services after trying to get a divorce for 3 years. It took 8 hours, but she managed to get us to a settlement agreement. I only wish we had known about her divorce services before. The lawyer I hired made everything worse. I think we could have come to an agreement at the very beginning, if someone like Anne had been working with us. If are at the beginning of the process, I *strongly* recommend that you consider this option. I spent over $30,000 on my divorce, I didn’t get the custody that I wanted (and that I firmly believe would have been best for our kids) and my wife is angrier now than she was when she filed.
Lesson Learned
Although lots of lawyers promised free consults, I never actually got to speak to one that ever answered my questions. That is, until I met with Ms. Garcia. She took the time to explain the general divorce process to me, her process and answered all my questions, even though it went over an hour. It was more than I had hoped to pay, to be honest, but it was well worth it. I was confident that everything was done correctly, and without her, I don’t think we could have stuck to an uncontested divorce. Money well spent.

John M.

My (now ex) wife and I thought that our divorce was going to be easy. We had already gone through years of therapy and both were ready for it emotionally and had discussed and agreed to everything regarding our finances and the kids. We had even been sharing custody for the last 8 months. But when I tried to explain to lawyers what we wanted, no one believed us! Finally, I stumbled on Divorce Better. Boy, was that a Godsend. Anne gave us the divorce that we wanted, on our terms, and made sure it got signed. Finally, a lawyer who listens!

Ryan B.

I have seen up close what divorce looks like. I seriously doubted that this sort of method for divorcing existed. Our therapist recommended Anne to us, and it honestly was like an extension of therapy. I know my wife and I wouldn’t be where we are today- divorced and on good speaking terms- if it weren’t for Anne. And honestly for a ¼ of the price that I had expected. Do it- call her. I promise you won’t regret it.


Anne was very knowledgeable, kind and helpful. Highly recommend.

Daniel O.

Anne is such an amazing lawyer. She actually cares about her clients and takes the time to explain things to where it’s fully understood. I had bad luck with a previous lawyer before and Anne took the time to correct all the things that were wrong and made everything right and she truly made this process smooth. Divorce isn’t easy but she made it a much easier process and I’m grateful for all that she’s done!


Getting a divorce was probably the scariest thing I have ever done. I honestly didn’t know if my ex would go for it. But Ms. Garcia is a miracle worker! I didn’t have to speak to him it at all, and she managed the whole process. Ultimately, we saved a bunch of money, and we both have the best possible relationship with our daughter.


From the first time I spoke with Anne, I knew she was different. I literally called dozens of law firms, and could never get one to speak to me! Not only did Anne answer my call, but she was in constant communication throughout the divorce. My first divorce was nothing like this. This one was so much better and this is such a good service for people that want to save money and don’t need to fight.

Ronny K.

We were married 27 years, then Covid happened. I think we both realized how incompatible we really were. Or maybe we changed with time. Still, I wasn’t thinking about divorce when my wife brought it up. We ended up using Divorce Better to mediate our divorce. It took a couple of sessions, but for the first time in a long time, I finally felt heard. It’s scary going through a big change like this, but I honestly feel like my life is going to be better for it.

Muhammad K.

I knew our divorce was going to be complicated, but not for the usual reasons. We were totally in agreement in getting a divorce, and our priorities about our son were aligned. But our finances were complicated, and we wanted different arrangements regarding custody and child support. Anne made it happen. I honestly didn’t think it was possible to get divorced this fast, and for this price. I was a little skeptical at the beginning, but knew if we tried the conventional route, we were going to pay tens of thousands of dollars to attorneys. And for what? Well, 6 months later, the final invoice is paid and my partner and I are successfully coparenting our son- on our terms.

Anne’s Biggest Fan

My husband and I were separated longer than we were married. I thought was going to be super easy to divorce. Except that he no longer is in the U.S. Everyone else told me no, or quoted me more money than I could afford. Anne not only got it done for the fixed price she quoted me, but she made it so easy. Qué alevio!

Maria C.

I reached out to Divorce Better on a whim. I didn’t know if my husband would agree to the divorce and we were barely speaking at the time. And even though Anne didn’t know whether she was a good fit for us, we managed to keep it together and get our divorce. I don’t know if I could have done better with a contested divorce, but I didn’t have the money, energy or time to find out. Also, I wanted to protect our daughter from an ugly, protected battle. I am so happy now with my life and the possibility of the future. Honestly, none of this would have been possible without ADT.

Mel D.

Forget everything you may think about divorce lawyers. Anne is *so* *different*. I have many times to start the divorce process and after weeks of searching and the “free” consults, I get overwhelmed or dissuaded and put it on the back burner. This last time was different. After a couple of those supposedly free consults (I never actually get to ask any of my questions, and am always worse off at the end of the call), I was about to give up again when I friend recommended Anne. All I can say is WOW! She *immediately* made me feel better- optimistic, empowered- like there was a way out. She kept to her price and was always responsive to my questions. And- just 4 short months later- I am divorced! Woohoo!

Rudy R.

I live in a small county in West Texas, and I couldn’t find anyone to help me and my wife fill out the paperwork for our divorce for a reasonable price. I was worried that Anne wasn’t nearby, but that was never an issue. We did everything by phone or video, and got our divorce less than 3 months after my wife filed. I know it’s probably unusual to write a positive review for your wife’s divorce attorney, but I know the value of the service she provided.

Ray M.

Can a divorce be happy? It probably sounds ridiculous, but I can answer in the affirmative! I am sure that this model isn’t right for all couples, but I bet there are more families out there that would benefit from this sort of service. My husband and I aren’t best friends, but the love died awhile ago. We still have kids, and didn’t want them to have the experience both of us did as kids (both of our parents went through ugly divorces- and neither of our moms came to our wedding). Finding Divorce Better was honestly a RELIEF. We got the guided divorce package, and I never looked back. I am so happy that we are both going to be the parents our kids deserve.


A lawyer with ethics who is just as much life coach as lawyer. She gave me back my life. Can’t say enough good things.


When I cheated, I knew the marriage was over. But I didn’t want a bunch of lawyers getting involved and making it worse and using it to take everything from me. After we could finally talk about it, my wife agreed that she didn’t want it to get ugly. I don’t remember how we found Annie, but thank G*d we did. If it makes any sense, I think my wife and I are better than we have been in the last 5 years. And I honestly give Annie a lot of the credit.


Affordable divorce, great attention and attorney! 100% recommended!

Ana J.

Our marriage got pretty out there by the end of it. I was embarrassed to share it and afraid of being judged. From the first time I talked to Anne, I felt like I could tell her anything. I never felt like she was critical or thought I was a bad mom. It was a relief to share it all, and not feel the sky fall down. Ultimately, we got our agreed divorce. I know it was the best resolution for our family. He’s going to have both parents in his life, I got a fair (enough) settlement, and I didn’t have to drain my savings to pay a lawyer to get there. Here’s to 2022!


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