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Is Affordable Divorce Texas Right for You?

What is Needed for an Uncontested Divorce

Marriage is complicated, probably a lot more than most people realize when they are saying “I do”. Life happens, circumstances change and people change. There should no judgment or shame in divorce. And it certainly shouldn’t leave couples and families more broken than they were when they were married, emotionally, psychologically and financially.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You and your spouse don’t each have to hire a lawyer and engage in a process that exacerbates all that has led you to this point. You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to have strangers speak on your behalf and decide what is in the best interests of you and your family.

Couples who successfully avoid contested divorces are more different than they are alike. They come from different socioeconomic levels, religious backgrounds, years of marriage, history of divorce, races and ethnicities, and number of children.

Affordable Divorce offers an alternative, with a team of family law attorneys and mediators who guide you and your partner to solutions that work for your family, at a fraction of the cost.


You don’t have to still love- or even like- each other to do it differently, better. All that it takes is a shared desire to avoid a legal fight.

You decide what is best for your future and family without depleting your life’s savings.

Benefits of the Affordable Divorce Texas Method

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