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We are committed to providing Texas families high-quality divorce services at an affordable price. We do this by using less conventional, more efficient frameworks to divorce or revisit the terms of an existing divorce decree. We can assist you by doing everything from reviewing existing divorce documents to providing legal counsel and representation, all for a single, flat fee.

Advising Pro Se Parties

Twenty years ago, it was next to impossible to divorce without a lawyer. Now, thanks to the proliferation of robust legal forms, it is much easier to “DIY” your divorce.

That said, every family is different, and if you want anything that deviates from what is standard, you may face problems. For example, a judge may not allow you to increase or decrease significantly from the formula used to determine child support.

Also, you may unintentionally be hurting your own interests, if you are unaware of what you are entitled to. For example, if you don’t know how to overcome the presumption that all property acquired during the marriage is community property (and thus is owned equally by both partners), you may unknowingly be giving up your rights to high-value assets.

We offer our DIY Divorce Assistance service for $780, whereby an attorney reviews your completed divorce documents and provides you with written comments and a one-hour consult to ensure that your divorce doesn’t up costing you more than you bargained for.

Uncontested Divorces

An uncontested divorce occurs when a couple commits to working to reach agreements on the issues that must be settled in a divorce (such as division of assets and debts, and, when there are children, child-rearing and support arrangements)– without the intervention of a judge.

This is the framework in which, as attorney-mediators, we can help couples settle the important issues needed to divorce, memorialized in a legally-binding Mediated Settlement Agreement. But acting as attorneys (as opposed to attorney-mediators), we can work within this same framework to help you cost-effectively achieve a divorce.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is an alternative to both the traditional divorce and an uncontested divorce. Collaborative divorce is different from an uncontested divorce in that it is considered “contested”, meaning that there are disagreements that the parties have not been able to resolve themselves and recognize that they will need help. However, unlike in the traditional divorce, the parties are not so far apart on the issues that they are not yet willing to submit issues to a judge (or arbitrator or jury) to decide, and have to live with the outcome.
Some of the key features of the collaborative divorce process are:

  • The parties, each with their own attorney, define the issues to be decided and unanimously agree on a resolution, or a means for resolution, for each issue; no resolution is reached without the agreement of all parties.
  • Mutual exchange of all information relevant to the dispute, protected from disclosure outside of the collaborative process, and without the costs of formal discovery procedures.
  • The parties control the final outcome; reliance on the arbitrary decision of a judge, jury, or arbitrator is generally avoided, and the parties have the ability to craft creative solutions that would not be possible through litigation or arbitration.
  • No court, except to finalize the agreement of the parties as necessary.
  • Because the parties themselves control both the issues to be resolved and the final outcome, the parties also directly control the costs involved.
  • In the event of an impasse on one or more issues in the collaborative process, the parties may elect to either mediate or arbitrate their disputed issues.

The collaborative divorce process requires a team effort between the parties, the attorneys, and any outside experts required in order to receive the benefits of the process. You and your spouse must each have counsel, thereby increasing costs and the time it will take to divorce (in contrast to the mediated divorce paradigm).

However, the collaborative divorce process is specifically designed to be less destructive on family relationships than traditional adversarial litigation. This helps to facilitate better future co-parenting and parent/child relationships after divorce.

Because this model does not lend itself to the flat-rate fee structure, we only offer this contested divorce service on a limited basis. However, if we are unable to represent you, we are happy to provide you a list of other attorneys whom we can recommend full-throatedly.

Benefits of the Affordable Divorce Texas Method

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