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The Affordable Divorce Method

You have decided to divorce. What comes next very much depends on what you and your partner need, want and are capable of. Do you really need to hire lawyers to fight and for a judge to decide what is in your best interests? Or are you and your partner capable of deciding what your future looks like, even if you need some help getting there?

Divorce Better provides you an alternative to the conventional divorce model. By utilizing the framework of an uncontested divorce and supplementing with mediation as needed, we offer you the opportunity to avoid a long, expensive legal battle and the ability to divorce with an attorney for a flat fee, in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the heartache of a typical divorce.

Uncontested Divorce without Mediation

Some divorces are simple enough that the drafting of the divorce documents is relatively straight forward and does not require extensive negotiation to determine who gets the silverware and what happens to the kids on a snow day.

Have you and your partner already agreed to who will get what and you don’t have any kids? For about $1,000, a family law attorney will draft and file everything you need to successfully divorce.

If there are kiddos to consider, do you and your partner agree on a custody schedule and the fundamentals of co-parenting? If so, our basic divorce package for families with children is around $1,500.

You can even start the process to file for divorce right now.

Uncontested Divorce with Mediation

If you and your partner are generally committed to deciding your divorce on your terms, but need some help reaching an agreement on some specifics, our Guided Divorce Package is the best option to get you an affordable, fast divorce on your terms.

It is designed for families with kids or a complicated financial situation and, while it offers the ability to customize your divorce, it does not include things you may not need- like temporary orders or the division of military benefits- which can be included for an additional fee.

To learn more about the Affordable Divorce mediation process, click here.

What comes next very much depends on whether you and your partner want and are capable of deciding your divorce yourselves, even if you need some help getting there.

Benefits of the Affordable Divorce Texas Method

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