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The Guided Affordable Divorce Method

Our Process in a Nutshell

If both you and your partner want to avoid the expense, heartache and time of litigating your divorce in court, then the first step is to set up a free, one-hour consultation. At this initial meeting, you will meet with a highly trained and licensed attorney and certified mediator, who can answer any questions and give a detailed overview of our process, including cost, duration and her role as a neutral third party who provides structure and solutions.

If our services are a good fit for your family, we will then proceed with our guided divorce process, which typically includes from one to four “Face-to-Face” or “F2F” meetings, held in-person or virtually. F2F meetings are two-hour structured sessions, at which both partners are present.

This process is best described as a form of mediation.


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Contact us with any questions or to set up a free consultation. Or, you can get the ball rolling right now by clicking File for Divorce and selecting the “Guided Divorce” package.
Initial Consult
The next step is to meet with both partners, either in-person or via a secure video conference, for up to an hour. Our attorney-mediator will describe how the divorce process works and how the Divorce Better method promotes a cheaper, faster and healthier path to divorce. We will discuss your immediate needs and help you make a plan to keep your family functioning with minimal disruption during this time of transition.
F2F Prep
Before our first Face-to-Face (or “F2F”) meeting, you and your partner will receive comprehensive preparation materials, which will include everything you need to hit the ground running. We encourage you to contact us at any point in this process if you should have any questions or something doesn’t make sense.
F2F Meetings

Depending on the needs of your family, we will meet anywhere from one to four times, depending on your family’s needs. The Guided Affordable Divorce method breaks down the divorce process into clear-cut, manageable tasks. We lead you through the process and help you navigate not only the legal and practical considerations, but also the emotions that divorce inevitably churns up. The most common topics are:

Mediated Settlement Agreement
As you and your partner work through the issues and come to an agreement, your attorney-mediator will help you memorialize your agreement in a legally-binding contract called a Mediated Settlement Agreement. This agreement will be the basis for another attorney to draft the documents you will need to present in court to finalize your divorce, empowering you and your partner to divorce on your terms, based on what you decide is right for your family.
Post-Divorce Planning

Once we identify the family assets and you and your partner decide on how to divvy up your shared assets and financial obligations, we can then help you create a post-divorce budget and financial plan for the future.

In addition to giving you financial tools for post-divorce success, the Guided Affordable Divorce method lays the groundwork and provides the means for you and your partner to, as necessary, maintain a clear line of communication and a functioning relationship post-divorce, empowering you to have a healthy relationship with your kids and embrace the possibilities of your future.

Benefits of the Affordable Divorce Texas Method

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