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As a result of divorce, half of all families experience poverty. As part of a divorce agreement, a couple may decide, or a court may require, a higher-earning spouse to continue supporting a lower-income- or non-income-earning partner for a period of time (or in some rare cases, permanently).

These payments, oftentimes referred to as alimony, spousal support or spousal maintenance, can vary in terms of not only the amount, but the timing and manner in which they are paid.

Support payments can be a particularly thorny topic to discuss, and can lead to very painful and vulnerable conversations, which may or may not be productive to reaching a resolution. If the issue is resolved but the emotions are not, the resentment, hurt, anger and vulnerability brought up during the divorce process can undermine not only agreed terms of the Mediated Settlement Agreement, but the future relationship and happiness of not only both partners, but also their children.

We have experience navigating these landmines, and want to help couples come to a mutually-beneficial agreement that, mostly importantly, ensures the children’s needs are being met and happiness for their family.

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